Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Unwork Society and works in progress

The Unwork Society are a group of artists who decided they needed a weekly challenge to push themselves through illustration. This has spanned out to many others and is being well received by the public. I heard about them a few days ago and decided to do one of their challenges themselves - a limited palette, and a simple brief to combine an animal with a vehicle. Here is my submission:

The Cargi: a corgi-car

(The pun came afterwards.)
It was really good working to a limited palette. It really does test you, but it shows you how much an illustration should stand on its own without needing many colours. It also shows how a good palette can really contribute to the piece. I do feel I have grown a little from working on this small piece.

Works in Progress include:

Two Magical Girl character requests:

Elbaite Palace painting:

Full shot

Marketplace close up

Granny Sprocket
I am also co-illustrating a new TV pitch called 'Granny Sprocket'. Nothing more will be said about this until the end of the month!

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