Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Speedpaint: City

After drawing too many storks and space station details, I wanted to relax and paint. It was late at night though, so I thought I would limit my time. An hour would be fine, I told myself, and so in an hour I managed to get this speedpaint out!

It was definitely an experience I liked. There wasn't much time to cry over mistakes or be terribly neat. The instinct was to make sure there was light and dark, and a good accent colour. I didn't even know what was going to form. I just made patches of dark and light and built up the layers. I got to play around with all the brushsets I had downloaded years ago, and that was interesting. I never knew I had so many good textures hidden away!

Anyway, I really like this. I am thinking of doing an hourly speedpaint each week or fortnight, and eventually build up to two hours perhaps. Painting is really fun, as much as I love working on cel characters.

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