Friday, January 24, 2014

Disney Ladies Collaboration with Miranda Dawn Yeo

Anita and a puppy Perdita

Miranda Yeo (@snarkies) on twitter put together a collaboration a few weeks back - and since the theme was Disney Ladies, the list went really fast. I had stayed up til midnight to watch the aurora borealis passing over Europe, and so I jumped at the opportunity. Most collaborations are formed by artists in America (so has been my experience) and so Europe tends to miss out if they don't stay up past midnight. I managed to land my first choice - Anita Radcliffe. 


101 Dalmations was the film I remember from my childhood. It was the first time I really took notice of backgrounds. I remember the pencil lines, still rough and textured, backgrounds that weren't fully coloured, more of a drop colour. When the frames were animated, you could sometimes still see the rough line work and sketches over the finalised ones. It was fascinating. So Anita was my go-to character, as she wasn't a big princess, but she was a lady I really liked. She had attitude, she was kind, and she was relatable!

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