Thursday, January 9, 2014

Magical Girl Week: Zoe

A conversation with a friend let me to do some special art. She's currently recovering in hospital, and has been cooped up for weeks... And I thought she could do with some magic in her life. So here she is as a Magical Girl, a 'type' in cartoons. I based the design and outfit off things she owns and would like to own.

This has sparked me to take on requests for the week. This means I get full say over what happens with the work, and the person requesting doesn't get a free print - but they are the inspiration for the art. It is quite a fun little project, and helps me explore body types and figures, a topic I haven't visited for a while.

Here are some close-ups. I think I have finally developed a drawing technique I'm happy with. I was never happy with clean lines and it took me ages to ink; but this is more of my natural hand, and I'm drawing with a stylus as I would a pencil. The lines feel less stiff, and It's definitely given me hope for the year ahead!

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