Wednesday, December 4, 2013

King Bee Studios Internship

As mentioned, I did a 6 week internship at King Bee Studios in London as an illustrator, and to get an insight into the animation industry. It was rather informative and stressed how very organised one must be, as well as being both quick to change little details, and continuously producing very good content. It was a rather stressful time as I helped on substantial projects - one of which is on air right now!

Here is some work I did while I was there:

'Rhino mascot' design; original head design by Francesca Tabasso. I worked on creating a more athletic body. The studio decided on the far-right stance. This was a one day brief, and the one I did on my first day.

Background edits for project 'Melody', currently airing on CBeebies! This was very exciting to be included in, if only for a snippet. The top images were the originals by Thomas Spettel. Shoes and character designs by Francesca Tabasso.

Character design for 'Penny Dreadful'. This was a project I was put on in my first week at the studio, and it was such a refreshing one. I was to come up with different styles of the characters. The cartoon show is to be based on the books by Joanna Nadin. It is written from the viewpoint of 10 year old Penny and they are such fun to read. I wanted to capture her vivid personality with bright colours and bold shapes. Here are my thought processes:

Polaroid designs for 'Soul Jump' characters, to be pitched to the Cartoon Sketch Show. Soul Jump are a band of "mismatched losers" who compete with another band for a record deal. These were done to a radio interview audio track, so I took my ideas from the things they said.

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