Monday, August 12, 2013

The Grid Method: Jennifer Lawrence portrait

I was asked once, how to draw. Drawing is complicated...where do you start? There are many ways I begin drawing, and this is (I find) easiest when drawing from a photo. It is not the same as drawing from life, unless you have a camera obscura. Personally I prefer drawing from life, but I use the Grid Method when I do large-scale pieces (I don't have a projector) as it helps keep everything in proportion.

The Grid Method is an Old Masters method and there are pros and cons.
Pros are - with a grid, it is hard to go astray, and you will have a successful drawing if you have the patience and you draw an accurate grid. This is good because you will be encouraged to keep drawing. You will start to notice that shapes are very important, as well as lighting and shadows. Grids can help you focus on small parts at a time; very good for a novice.

Cons are - you will be limited to drawing from photos/images. This is not bad if you are setting up your own photos, and are thinking about composition - but copying others' photos (like this one here) restricts creativity. You do not get the same knowledge of how things are in real life (figure anatomy, how apples are actually quite knobbly etc.), and I strongly encourage you to work from life.

Nethertheless, here is the Grid Method. Individual images can be found here.

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