Monday, August 12, 2013

Cat wallpaper/tiled pattern

My very good friend Sammi, a wonderful animator, and I had a small chat about cats in costumes, and I could see them in my head quite clearly. Now, I love drawing cats - they are graceful and so flexible, and they're even better in clothes! I drew 6 cats, edited them started to work them into a tiled pattern. I had absolutely no experience with this at all - but first time for everything. I know now that it wasn't as straight-forward as I thought! I ended up with a lot of negative space, and I didn't know how to fit everything I wanted into it. In the end, I think I managed a pleasant layout - still got a lot to learn - but I do like the colours, and it was a fun experiment.

Update: This has been featured on Pussies on Parade; very exciting!

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