Friday, November 29, 2013


My friend Abi is running a competition in her school, and the winners get to have illustrations of their written passages. The passage I received depicted a land made of candy, where we would do nothing but eat candy all day. Sounds rather wonderful and sickly at the same time!


In the future there will be a candy world with lots of sweets and candy canes. There will be different flavour cars like chocolate and strawberry. In candy world it will have final strawberry surs river. When it rains lovely chocolate surs comes down. In candy world we just eat candy. In candy world there are lollypop trees and we would lick them. 

It was so fun doing this piece, from rough (see below!) to the tiny details. I found myself looking up different kinds of candy to pop in, being more a fan of chocolates than candy canes and lollipops. It was just so good doing something bright, vibrant, and happy. (It’s been a challenging week with deadlines falling on the same day.)

This may have been the most vivid piece I've done this year. I might be pushing it. Time to use some dark colour palettes!

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