Friday, March 2, 2012

Children's Picture Book

*Scroll down for the finished pieces.

We had this assignment 5 weeks ago - to come up with a 32 paged children's picture book. What we need is a finished dummy book, and 4 double spreads (mounted and in situ). 1 week left on this now, zipping through it quite nicely.
Flat textures for the first spread.
Flat textures for the first spread.
Second spread process.
I'm laying down flat textures first, such is the way of cutouts. When they're all done, I'll be going back to see if shadows look decent. I've been looking at a lot of cutout artwork, but very few have tonal variety. I'll play around once I'm confident these look decent without.

Flat textures done for the second spread.
Figured out how to drop a simple shadow, so onwards with flat textures!
Third spread done.
Fourth spread done.
All I need now is text, and I should be good to go and print.

Here are all 5 finished pieces; 
the first 2 make a single spread.

Text has been added, and I'm off to the printer's tomorrow!

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